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A&M Trees

Have Spade! Want Some Shade?

Established in 1994, A&M Trees LLC services both business and residential needs for tree moving, landscaping, and hardscaping. In addition, we sell evergreens and deciduous trees as well as bulk mulch/topsoil, and stove pellets.

A&M Tree Yard

Our tree nursery, located in Sheboygan, has an extensive holding area that contains a large selection of small to mature 25' tall trees (up to 20 years old) ready for sale and planting. All of our trees in the tree yard are already dug with their roots wrapped in wire and burlap. They are ready to be planted in your yard most any time!

Tree Benefits

Trees compliment, beautify and increase the energy efficiency and value of your home or business. Our trees are handpicked from Midwest nurseries or grown in our own nursery. Ornamental trees such as Hawthorne, Crabapple, Lilac and Flowering Pear Trees add texture and color to groupings. While evergreen trees offer green, year-round privacy and provide wind block.

At A&M Trees, your total satisfaction is our number one concern. We strive for prompt and quality service at all times. Contact us to learn more about what we offer.

Delivery Services

We can deliver loads to your home or project location. Our delivery services include topsoil, mulch, and stove pellets. Mulch can be delivered in 1 to 90 yard loads. Pellets can be delivered by the bag or ton. To get a quote on your mulch purchase and our delivery fee, check out our order form.