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Stove Fuel Pellets

We carry the Dejno's Fuel Pellets in 40 pound bags - available by the bag or the ton. Delivery services available. These fuel pellets contain no additives, burn clean, exceed 8,000 BTU's and are very energy efficient.

Premium Pellet Contents

  • Less than 1% Ash
  • Less than 0.5% Fines
  • Less than 300 PPM Chlorides

Pellet Fuels Institute

Pellets that are tested through the PFI Standards Program are assured to be qualified to a specified grade and can be properly matched to the appliances that are permitted to burn them.

Dejno's pellets are tested by the Pellet Fuels Institute. The PFI Standards Program tests the fuel pellets to ensure they are a specific grade and can then be matched to a specific pellet stove.